Advanced R&D

Our DSIR-certified programme focuses on developing strong rice hybrid traits, approved in India and the Philippines, which adapt well to varied conditions.

Headed by Dr. R.N. Rao, ex-Scientist - CRRI, with more than 40 years of breeding experience, the Delta Rice Research Team focuses on the following aspects to develop high-quality traits in hybrid paddy and varietal paddy:

  • A wide collection of germplasm
  • Conventional and MAS breeding techniques
  • High-intensity performance trials across different agro-climatic regions.
From India, conquering the world

Our rice seed varieties boast of a superior performance not only in India, but also in Nepal, Bangladesh and the Philippines. The Philippines Rice Board recently approved two Delta’s rice hybrids for recommendations.

Feet on Fields

Delta is among the top hybrid paddy brands in India. Our growth has been a result of a unique, farmer-focused approach, that takes us beyond being merely a supplier of seeds.

Farmer-back Model

At Delta, we empower farmers with education, technology and quality products to ensure high-returns and prosperity. With an on-ground Farmer Development Officer network of over 200 across 5000 villages, we engage with farmers directly on the farm, build relationships, understand their needs and offer the right solution. Other than dedicated sales support, these FDO’s also offer advice and training on best practices and technology beyond just Delta offerings.

Because at Delta, we believe in growing together.

World-class Production and Processing

Beyond the R&D in labs, producing seeds on an industrial scale icomes with its unique challenges. It requires unwavering discipline with deep expertise, in order to produce seeds of a consistently high quality, despite external factors like seasonal variability

Dedicated production team

At Delta, we work closely with farmers in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana who farm over 7,000 acres annually, to produce the highest-quality seeds, year after year. Recently, we also began production operations in challenging tropical conditions in the Philippines.

Our 30 member strong production team is dedicated to one singular task – the production of the best possible of hybrid, improved and varietal seeds.

Technology for tomorrow, today

And we’re not stopping there. Delta routinely conducts pilot programmes that use advanced and emerging technology to keep our farmers ahead of the curve.

Some of the exciting pilots we’ve been conducting.

  • High payload drone technology for improved field monitoring and precision application of crop protection products
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to determine high throughput seed sorting
  • Geotagging production fields for better analytics
Networked Strength

Delta has created enduring relationships with institutions committed to research and development of agriculture and distribution for last mile connectivity, both within India and abroad.

What’s more, we are further solidifying our existing partnerships by formally entering into business agreements, such as our MoU for a license to produce and market the top-ranking, public sector varieties of paddy across locations in different nations.

We are a member of HRDC and IRRI in the Philippines, which hasn’t only opened the market for us, it has also given us access to a much more valuable resource - their vast and unique germplasm.

Power of Partnerships

Delta’s extensive trade network, built on the back of robust relationships with over 600 distributors and 5,000 retailers, is a testament of its brand equity. Our partnerships are based on the four pillars - Value, Ethics, Dependability and Dignity. Know more about these here

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